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Vertical Cylinder Dryer


When conditions require a greater drying capacity than a conventional Tower Dryer can offer, the Cherokee Vertical Cylinder Dryer is a great solution.  The Seed Cotton stream is spread out evenly across the width of dryer and is tossed through the hot air stream by rotating cylinders.  Each cylinder tosses the seed cotton onto a diagonal shelf made up of hundreds of individual fingers directing the cotton downward onto the next cylinder.  As the cotton slides down the fingers, hot air is allowed to slip between the fingers and through the cotton, thereby greatly improving drying efficiency.

  • Hinged Access Doors on Both Sides
  • Replaceable Aluminum Fingers Positively Lock into Place
  • Hinged Finger Access Doors allow Finger Replacement from Outside
  • 7 Cylinder and 5 Cylinder Models
  • Multi-Level Service Platform Available