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Module Feeder


“The (Module Feeder) quality of workmanship and the fact it comes pre-assembled on the pad, makes it very easy…to install and operate.”

Randall Owens - Elora Gin Company





The Cherokee Roller Bed Module Feeder unloads rectangular or round seed cotton modules from a module truck and conveys them to its disperser head. The standard machine width for rectangular or round modules is the 9-foot wide system.

Cherokee also offers a 10-foot wide system to provide extra side clearance for round modules when using unwrapping systems other than the Cherokee Round-Up II. Heavy Duty Disperser Cylinders break up the modules, sending seed cotton into the Cherokee Feed Controller or other discharge system.


  • Bolt-In Spikes Are Easily Replaced on Disperser Cylinders
  • Rock Rollers and Grip Rollers Available
  • Pre-Assembled Bed Sections for Domestic Shipments
  • Pre-Assembled Disperser Head for 9-Foot Wide Domestic Shipments




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