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Down Packing Press


The Chieftain Press has two baling chambers (press boxes) that rotate alternately around a center column.  An empty press box is filled by multiple charges beneath the tramper until there is enough to make a bale, then the full box rotates into the baling position where a large bore hydraulic cylinder compresses the cotton into a finished bale.  Wires or straps are then applied and the bale is ejected.  While one box is being filled, the other is compressing finished bales.  The Cherokee Chieftain Press is a Down Packing press, meaning the final bale compression takes place with a hydraulic cylinder that moves downward.  The press is installed at floor level.  The Hydraulic Power Unit is available in several different configurations for various capacities.

  • No Doors on Press Boxes
  • No Dogs on Press Boxes
  • 16 Inch Diameter Hydraulic Compression Cylinder
  • Easy to Understand Touch Screen Controls
  • Automatic Strapping or Manual Wire Tying Options
  •  Service Platform is Standard