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Bale Handling


“Per shift, the (gin-to-warehouse) conveyor eliminates two operators, tractors and trailers that otherwise would transport bales from the gin to the warehouse…the conveyor system improves safety, reduces wear and tear on equipment, and saves expense on fuel and tires.”

Dewayne Couch Kiech-Shauver-Miller Gin Company






Bale Handling Systems convey finished bales away from a baling press and are used to apply protective bagging around each bale.  Bales are typically numbered and weighed during this process.  Cherokee offers both standard and custom configurations.  Cherokee can also build a conveyor system to deliver bales from the gin plant to a nearby warehouse.

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Baggers Furnished with or without Scales
  • Personnel Safety Pull Cables, Warning Horns and Lights
  • Standard or Custom Systems
  • Bale-To-Warehouse Conveyors


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