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Avenger 174 Gin Stand & Feeder


“We decided to gin two complete modules through each of our three gin stands, one stand at a time to measure the turnout. The modules were from the same field, picked on the same day. I am happy to say the two Cherokee 174 Gin Stands had more than 1/2 percent better turnout…”

Mike Greene - Decatur Gin Company






The patented Cherokee Avenger 174 saw gin stand introduced new features to the world of cotton ginning:  a powered roll box door, automatic seed roll retainer to prevent seed roll loss when ginning is interrupted, and ease of access for saw cylinder changes.  In addition, the 20+ bale-per-hour Avenger 174 has intuitive touch-screen controls, an 8 foot nominal width, and will fit into most existing gin plants.

  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • 3/8” Thick Heads on Feeder
  • 1-1/2” Thick Heads on Gin Stand
  • Feeder Extractor Section By-Pass Valve
  • Feeder Apron Photo Eye to Prevent Choking
  • Gin Stand Powered Roll Box Door
  • Gin Stand Independent Direct Drives for
  • Seed Roll Agitator, Picker Roller, and Optional Upper Moting
  • Gin Stand Automatic Seed Roll Retainer


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