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Cotton Module Feeder System


The Cotton Module Feeding System, built by Cherokee Fabrication, has a capacity to feed at the rate of 90+ bales per hour and will accommodate modules that weigh up to 45,000 pounds. It is designed to move cotton from delivery to gin by breaking up the module and feeding it into the gin plant. Units are available in various voltages and are pre-wired for domestic shipments. The feeder can be shipped assembled or unassembled. The entire feeding system is designed for heavy-duty performance and dependability, just what a gin requires when the pressure is on!


Cherokee Fabrication makes this system easily available with its start-up support and complete turnkey installation. Once your gin has the Cotton Module Feeding System, you'll know you've purchased a workhorse for your operation.


The system also comes with our state-of-the-art Graphic User Interface Terminal with user friendly touch-screen controls. Click here to view



Mod Feed Controller


Mod Feed Controller